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Outlines For Bible Study And Sermon Preparation
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We have posted some Bible study and sermon outlines that I have used in the past. I have had the vast privilege of studying after and listening to many great men of God preach and teach the Word of the Lord. Therefore, I do not claim originality on anything that is contained here. In fact, we are all preaching "someone else's sermon" if we are preaching the Word of God. Some of the outlines are ones I used from the time I began preaching in 1989 until this day as we are adding older ones and newer ones as time passes. It would be impossible to recall sources on all the things that I have been taught or have gleaned in various times and places of reading and meetings I have attended. I would hope, however, that maybe some of these nuggets from God's Word would be as much of a blessing to someone else as what they have been to me. These outlines are raw; they are copies of the outlines I have used to deliver sermons and Bible studies, so you may see references to illustrations or personal experiences that would not apply to everyone. You might even find a few typos or grammatical errors, but I hope above all you find something that will further open your understanding and curiosity into the Word of God and cause you to seek further into the marvelous truths contained therein.
Brother Toby Powers
Romans 1:16

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