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Eddie Denson served as our associate pastor at Truth Church for several years until God put him into the prison ministry. He served as our team leader in the prisons for quite some time working with Grace Prison Outreach for several years before becoming the pastor of West GA Missionary Baptist Church in Temple, GA. Today he serves as the pastor of New Springs Baptist Church in Buchanan, GA. He and his wife Traci have two boys, William and Levi.


Where To Find Joy

Preached At Truth May 28, 2006 6 PM.


What You Miss By Being A Christian

Preached At Truth December 5, 2004 6 PM.



Preached At Truth August 13, 2006 6 PM.


Will Somebody Trouble The Waters?

Preached At Truth November 26, 2006 11AM.


The Dangers Of Becoming Content

Preached At Truth September 14, 2007 at The Fellowship Of Bible Based Churches Campmeeting.


Matthew New is a member here at Truth Baptist Church and was called to preach right here in our church. He is rapidly becoming one of the better preachers in this area. I had the privilege of officiating the wedding when he married his wife Charity several years ago. They have two beautiful little girls, Bethany and Hannah and a son, Ian.


Hindering The Race

Preached At Truth July 30, 2006 6PM.


Just Take The Lamp

Preached At Truth September 10, 2006 6PM.


The Kinsman Redeemer

Preached At Truth January 14, 2007 6PM.



Preached At Truth March 11, 2007 11AM.


I Will Follow

Preached At Truth July 15, 2007 6PM.


Found Wanting

Preached At Truth October 12, 2008 6PM.


Things He Can Deliver Us From

Preached At Mount Olive Church during the Campmeeting Fellowship of Bible-Based Churches 9-19-08, Friday Afternoon Service.


Glad Day, Sad Day, Bad Day

Preached At Truth Baptist Church April 26, 2009 6PM


Do You Really Believe What You Say

Preached At Pine Ridge Baptist Church during the Campmeeting Fellowship of Bible-Based Churches 9-17-10, Friday Morning Service.


Thomas Cochran is a member at Truth. He and his wife, Tanja, have been married since 1992, and they have two children: Tasha and T.J. Thomas' preaching and his family's singing and songwriting have been a blessing to many. Tanja is Brother Toby's sister, and she has written songs that have been nationally recorded by groups like the Jodi Brown Indian Family, and many of the sermons posted from Brother Toby include her singing the invitational song. They are a family that is devoted to the Lord and a blessing to the church.


Walking With Jesus

Preached At Truth February 16, 2003 6 PM.


You Didn't Get It On Your Own

Preached At Truth October 15, 2006 6 PM.


The Dove & Raven

Preached At Truth August 19, 2007 6 PM.


Vipers From The Fire

Preached At Mount Olive Church during the Campmeeting Fellowship of Bible-Based Churches 9-19-08, Opening Service.


Alan Kirk was a member at Truth Baptist Church from 1997 to 2004 and was saved and called to preach here in our church. He has pastored at Pine Ridge Baptist Church in Dallas, GA and is now working in evangelism. Brother Alan is a gifted preacher and blesses congregations with his work in the music ministry on the instruments and in his singing as well. He and his wife Lisa have been blessed with 4 children.


God Is Bigger Than That

Preached At Pine Ridge Baptist Church during the Campmeeting Fellowship of Bible-Based Churches 9-14-07, Friday Evening Service.


Nothing But Leaves

Preached At Pine Ridge Baptist Church, 10-7-07 6PM.


Are You Thirsty?

Preached At Mount Olive Church during the Campmeeting Fellowship of Bible-Based Churches 9-19-08, Opening Service.


Scott Thomas is an evangelist from Temple, GA. He and his wife, Tessa, are members of Truth Baptist Church. Scott and Tessa have been married since 1996, and they have two sons, Cameron and Bryson. Scott's preaching and their singing and songwriting have been a blessing to people all over the country. Tessa is Brother Toby's sister, and she and Scott have both written songs that have been nationally recorded by groups like Tony Gore and Majesty, Karen Peck and New River, and the Jodi Brown Indian family. Probably the most well known songwriting of Scott's is God Still Answers Prayer... a former Singing News Magazine Number 1 song. We have some of his preaching here and some of their songs. Click on the photo to the left to go to their website for more!


Things In Hell

There are some things in Hell that we could use in our churches today!


Living On A Mountain

Preached at Truth Baptist Church in Summer Revival July 8, 2007 11AM


Star Of Wonder

Preached at Truth Baptist Church on December 24, 2004 11AM


Save The Marriage

Preached at Truth Baptist Church on June 20, 2008 6PM


The Sin Of Bitterness

Preached at Philadelphia Baptist Church in Calhoun, GA on April 9, 2008 6PM


Too Much Lamb

Preached at Truth Baptist Church on November 4, 2007 6PM


Brighter Than The Sun

Preached at Truth Baptist Church on November 16, 2008 6PM


These are some songs from Scott and Tessa's recordings. Click on their photo to reach their site and learn how to have them at your church preaching or singing in campmeetings, revivals, and jubilee meetings.


Been Through Enough

This is one of my favorite songs. I have been through enough to know that the Lord will be enough for me.


Ain't Gonna Run No More

Written By Tessa Thomas


God Still Answers Prayer

Written By Scott Thomas, this song was made popular by Karen Peck and New River and has been a blessing to people all across the world. Here Tessa sings God Still Answers Prayer.


So Good To Me

Written by Tanja Cochran (Brother Toby Powers and Tessa Thomas' sister). You will hear her sing many times the invitation songs on our pastor's sermons.


The One Who Hears It All Hears Me

Written and sung by Tanja Cochran.


He's The Best Thing

He's the Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me, written by Scott Thomas.


Sweet Rock Of Ages

This is a beautiful rendition of a lovely song. Sweet Rock of Ages let me hide myself in thee. Sung by Scott, Tessa, and Tanja.


That Just Goes To Show

Written by Tessa Thomas and Tanja Cochran.


Forever Changed

Sung at Truth Baptist Church Summer Revival July 14, 2011

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