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Great Gospel Trumpeters Of Days Gone By

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Great Gospel Trumpeters of Days Gone By


Maze Jackson was known for his "Truck Drivers Special" radio broadcasts that were aired around our nation. He preached with a burden for sinners. He was born and raised in North Carolina, but he spent his ministry headquartered in Atlanta, GA.


Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight?

Brother Maze preaches on the Prodigal Son and uses his own son who wandered astray and came back home as an example. It is a very touching sermon.


The Man Who Would Not Listen

There are some who have been told the truth, but they will not listen.



There are some things listed in the Word Of God that God abhors and calls abominations.


Ebenezer Stone

A memorial is established for those special places in life where God sends us special help. Brother Maze preaches about these stones.


A Night To Be Remembered

There are some nights in the Scriptures that are to be remembered. Some are blessed nights; others are nights of judgment.


The Big Takeover

Brother Maze preaches from Daniel 2:20.


Following The Bottle

Brother Maze preaches maybe the best sermon I have ever heard on liquor. It is reminiscent of Billy Sunday's sermons on "Booze".


From Canaan

Brother Maze preaches on that victorious Christian life that is found when we live in Canaan's fair land.


Lost God In One Generation

Brother Maze preaches about how easy it is to lose the touch, anointing, power, and knowledge of God in one generation.


Most Mistreated Person

Brother Maze preaches about the Spirit of God as the most mistreated person in the church. He is very sensitive, and he can be quenched.


Are You Tired Of Living Here?

Brother Maze preaches about being tired of this old world of sin and trouble. What will you do when you are tired of living here?


Turning The World Upside Down

Brother Maze preaches about the disciples who turned the world upside down for Jesus Christ.


On The Way Home

Brother Maze preaches about what you will encounter on the way home.


The Sweetest Words Jesus Ever Said

Brother Maze preaches about the sweetest words Jesus ever did say. This sermon was preached at Concord Baptist Church in Calhoun, GA.


Crown Of Thorns

Brother Maze preaches about the crown of thorns that sat upon the head of our dear Lord.


What's All That Shouting About?

Brother Maze preaches about shouting. The world watches the old fashioned church and asks, "What's All That Shouting About?"


A Boiling Pot & Blood On The Rock

Brother Maze, the late great evangelist and radio preacher, preaches on "A Boiling Pot & Blood On Rock."


Ed Ballew was saved Aug 27th. 1935 At the Conasauga Baptist Church (Conasauga is in Polk County TN) when he was 13 years old. He went into the Army when he was 18. God called him to preach while he was in service. He came out of service on Aug. 12th. 1946, and married Pauline Patterson. He preached his first revival the 2nd week of August 1946. He pastored for 20 years. Brother Ed has been a blessing all these many years, and he was a big encouragement to us to set up and promote this website. We will look forward to meeting again on the other side.


Why I Can't Quit

Preached at Faith Baptist Camp (Moderator: Sammy Allen) in Resaca, GA, this is one of the sermons Brother Ed was most known for preaching. It will make you keep on serving God!



Preached at Faith Baptist Camp (Moderator: Sammy Allen) in Resaca, GA, this sermon on Hell speaks to every heart... saints and sinners!


The Three Crosses

The Three Crosses is one of the best sermons I have ever heard on Calvary.


When You Are On The Bottom

Brother Ed preaches from the book of Jonah about "What To Do When You Are On The Bottom."


Above Average

Brother Ed preaches about what it means to exceed average and rise above minimum expectations.

Bulldog Charlie Wyman, born in 1890, defined what a western style gunslinger or outlaw was until the Lord saved him. His testimony has greatly inspired me and blessed me.



The audio is not the best, but this 30 year old testimony is a must hear!


Billy Kelly was born in Oliver Springs, TN on April 17, 1932. Most of his formative school years were spent in Knoxville, TN. He played football and baseball at Young High School. Also, Billy was a country musician. While he was still in high school he played fiddle with a country band on a Knoxville radio station and in many local entertainment places. He was saved May 16th, 1950 at the University of Tennessee. Only a few days after his conversion he announced the call to preach. After his conversion he used his musical talents for God, and the Lord used him to preach and sing across America for many years. He was the moderator of the Greer Baptist Campmeeting. Brother Billy Kelly entered Heaven's shore on April 1st, 1997.


God Is Able To Turn It Around

God is able to take any situation, no matter how hopeless, and turn it around!


The Best Is Yet To Come

With the devil, your best days are behind you, but for the Christian, the best is yet to come.


What Is Revival?

Church people have talked about revival all of my life, but very few us of us really know what it is.


When They Ring Those Golden Bells

Brother Kelly Sings When They Ring Those Golden Bells.


Three Songs

Brother Kelly Sings Remind Me/ Thanks To Calvary/ He Touched Me.


The Prodigal Son

Brother Kelly Sings The Prodigal Son.


When The Savior Reached Down For Me

Brother Kelly Sings When The Savior Reached Down His Hand For Me.


The 23rd Psalm

Brother Kelly gives a touching and unique perspective on the most beloved chapter in the Bible.


The Battle Of The Ages

This sermon is on "The Origin Of The Devil And The Battle Of The Ages." It is maybe the deepest doctrinal sermon that I have ever heard Brother Kelly preach.


God Will Set Your Fields On Fire

This sermon is on the judgment of God on those who refuse the voice of the Lord.


Grace In Action

Pictures of grace are seen in the Old Testament.


Christ's Return In Song of Solomon

Brother Kelly preaches from Song Of Solomon about the return of Christ.


The Man Of God

Brother Kelly preaches about the man of God who was disobedient to the command of the Lord.


Lester Roloff was one of the most amazing people God has ever called into the ministry. His heart for sinners, especially those upon whom the world had given up, was unmatched anywhere. He founded homes for boys and girls, men and women, children and seniors, and made these places where people who had no hope could find help to begin life new with God. He was maybe known best for the "Family Altar Radio Program" and the Roloff Evangelistic Enterprises, which both continue on today, long after Brother Roloff's passage to Heaven. You can catch the Family Altar Radio Program online at and


Dr. Law & Dr. Grace

This is the most well known sermon ever preached by Brother Lester Roloff. Everyone should hear this.


Pawing In The Valley

Brother Roloff preaches a great message of encouragement to continue in the fight. He asks the question, "Have You Lost Your Paw?" Preached at First Baptist Church, Hammond, IN in a Pastor's Conference. (1979?)


Things Every Preacher NeedsTo Know

Brother Roloff preaches a minister's ordination service in Kansas City, and he delivers a sermon that every preacher needs to hear. Every good preacher that I know does not practice all the things he preaches, but every preacher I know that does practice these things is a great man of God.


The Mule Walked On

Brother Roloff shows us the way that sin has continued little by little to take over the lives of the children of God.
Brother Roloff also called this sermon, "When God Hung The Hippie."


What Are You Going To Do?

Brother Roloff preaches and asks what will you do? There are some times in life that you just don't know what to do, and death will be one of those times for us all. What will you do when life is over?



Brother Roloff preaches and asks is the devil unreasonable? Is God unreasonable? Are you unreasonable?


Know, No, Go

Brother Roloff preaches, "Know, No, Go!" Sermons like this is the reason you should tune in to the Family Altar program on the internet or a local station that carries it.


In His Humiliation

Brother Roloff preaches on the humiliation of Christ. This very well may be the best sermon I have ever heard on this topic. It is a "MUST HEAR!"


Life In The Blood

Brother Roloff preaches on the only place where life is found. The life of the flesh is in the blood.


Scene Of The Crucifixion

The preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness, but unto us it is the power of God unto salvation. Brother Roloff preaches about the atmosphere and happenings around the cross.


Family Altar Theme Song

The pleasant sound of Brother Roloff's singing always has opened the Family Altar Radio Program, and just that sound makes me open up to hear what he will tell us from God's Word.


Deeper Than The Stain Has Gone

Brother Roloff sings the great aold hymnal "Deeper Than The Stain Has Gone."


The Stranger At Blue Galilee

The pleasant sound of Brother Roloff's singing always has closed the Family Altar Radio Program It is one of the most pleasant songs and sounds I have ever heard.


I Came Here To Stay

Brother Roloff and the young men of traveling with him singing I Came Here To Stay- Soul Savin' Meetin'- I've Got More To Go To Heaven For- He Wrote My Name.


Buster Seaton, born in Knoxville, TN into a preacher's family was born again in 1976 at age 24 in his mother's kitchen. Almost immediately he began preaching the Gospel. He preached all over this land in revivals and campmeetings. He had one of the smoothest and most polished preaching deliveries that I ever heard and preached some of the greatest sermons I ever listened to. One sermon, which I do not have, that he preached that changed my life as a young Christian was, "Does It Pay To Serve God?" Brother Buster suffered for years with many health problems nearing the end of his life, but his preaching will continue to bless all who hear the recordings long after his death in 2002.


The Gospel Preached To Abraham

This is one of the better sermons I have ever heard concerning Abraham and the manner in which he came to understand the Gospel and the plan of God.


Recognizing the Times

Brother Buster Seaton preaches at Battlefield Baptist Church on the signs of these last wicked days. These are lust-filled days, perilous times, times of hardened hearts, and a day of a famine of the Word of God. Brother Buster exhorts us to faithfully continue in the things of God.


Food For Thought

Brother Buster Seaton preaches at Faith Baptist Campmeeting In Resaca, GA in the August 1995 meeting. In the sermon, he journeys to Jordan.


A Glimpse Of Grace

We often think about the Law in the Old Testament and Grace in the New Testament, for the gospel did state that the Law came by Moses but grace and truth by Jesus Christ. Brother Buster, however, shows us that grace and truth were before the earthly advent of Christ, and it pictures or foreshadows our Lord. Grace and truth were literally demonstrated in Christ, and they are pictured in the Old Testament.


A Little Past The Top Of The Hill

There are many hills in life's journey, but what we need waits just beyond.


It Pays To Serve God

One of my favorite sermons that Brother Buster ever preached. It Does Pay To Serve The Lord.

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