Truth Baptist Church, Bremen, GA

What We Believe

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Truth Baptist Church is:
Independant: in affiliation.
United: in doctrine, purpose, and fellowship.
Missionary: in our mindset.
Below is our church resolution.

We the members of Truth Church to hereby declare the following:

  1. This church shall be called Truth Church, and it shall be a United Missionary Baptist Church.
  2. We hold The Holy Bible as our only rule of faith and order.
  3. We do hereby declare that we believe the Authorized King James Version of the Bible to be the inspired English translation of the Holy Scriptures, and being such no other English translation of the Bible shall be used publicly from which to read, teach, or preach.

We also do hereby declare our belief and support for the following thirteen articles of faith:

  1. Christ only is the head of the church and the Word of God is the only rule of faith and conduct.
  2. A Christian Church is a society of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ, and is of divine institution.
  3. No person who loves God and obeys the Gospel of Christ ought to be deprived of church membership.
  4. Every man has an inalienable right to private judgment in matters of religion, and equal right to express opinions in any way that will not violate the laws of God or the rights of man.
  5. Church trials shall be conducted on Gospel principles only, and no minister or member shall be excommunicated except for immorality, propagating unscriptural doctrine, or the neglect of duties enjoined by the Word God.
  6. The pastoral or ministerial office and duties are of divine appointment, and regularly ordained ministers in the church are equal.
  7. All power necessary in the formation of rules and regulations of government and discipline is inherent in the ministers and members of the Church, but so much of that power may be delegated from time to time, by representation as the Church may judge necessary and proper.
  8. The Church has a right to make and enforce such rules and regulations only as are necessary and proper, and which shall accord with the Holy Scriptures in the maintenance of the great system of practical Christianity.
  9. It is the duty of all the ministers and members to maintain godliness, and to oppose all moral evil.
  10. It is obligatory on ministers of the Gospel to be faithful in the discharge of their ministerial and pastoral duties, and also on members to esteem them highly for their work’s sake and to render them a righteous compensation for their labors.
  11. No persons shall be received into the Church without the consent of a majority of the members present.
  12. The Church shall have the right to elect their own officers annually.
  13. The Church shall have the right to convene her membership at pleasure for the purpose of transacting her own business; and such body when convened, shall be denominated the Church Conference.

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